• Oval Face Shape
    The oval face shape is the ideal face shape because of its balance and proportion. This face shape can wear many options, but there are still a couple guidelines to follow when selecting your frames. More tips »
  • Square Face Shape
    The square face shape is typically characterized by its strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide chin. The goal with a square shape is to make the face appear longer and soften up all those straight lines by adding soft lines and curves. More tips »
  • Round Face Shape
    The round face shape is typically full with the same width and length and few angles. The goal with a round face is to choose frames that will minimize fullness and create a slimmer appearance. More tips »
  • Triangle Face Shape
    This triangle face shape is defined by a narrow forehead and a strong mouth and chin (egg shaped). The goal with a triangle face is to add width to the top of your face to create balance and proportion. More tips »
  • Heart Face Shape
    The heart shaped face is defined by a broad forehead and narrow or pointed chin. The goal is to minimize the width of the top of the face by adding width below the eye line to offset the narrow chin. More tips »

Experience a Complimentary Virtual Eyewear Consultation

This online experience allows you to receive a VIP virtual eyewear consultation by Cinzia Stylist, Lindsey Reisack. Based on your facial features such as; face shape, eye color, hair color and cut, Lindsey will recommend Cinzia eyewear that best fits you. All you have to do is answer the appropriate questions and uploaded a picture of yourself and you will receive a recommendation within 48 hours. Your information will never be used in any way except for this consultation. We will never share your information with third parties.
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